MB24 Articulated Arm Kit


BENINCA MB24 Kit Includes

2* Motors

2* Articulated Arms

2* Fobs

1* Control Panel

1* Aerial

1* Pair of Photocells

Electro-mechanical operator for swing gates with leafs up to 2.5 m for intensive use

Surface mounting
• 24 V dc self-locking electromechanical operator for intensive use equipped with strong, articulated and anti-shearing arm
• Amperometric anti crushing control
• Prepared for battery back-up system
• Suitable for gates installed on large posts
• Equipped with two electric limit switches suitable also for leafs opening towards outside
• Tempered steel mechanical features to guarantee sturdiness and solidity

MB24: 24Vdc Irreversible operator, grease lubrication, without built-in control, for intensive use