Hydraulic Hydro HD.30AC Kit (Built in Locks)


CAB Gate Kits Include

2* Hydraulic Rams

2* Fobs

1* Control panel

1* Aerial

1* Pair of Photocells

HYDRO is a wide range of hydraulic operators for intensive uses.

Various versions are available which differ in many particular characteristics:

• A chrome-plated steel rod, available in size 16 or 20 mm, and anodized profiles guarantee the

maximum resistance to atmospheric agents.

Irreversible hydraulic operator or gates up to 3 m with opening and closing blocks. Rod diameter 20 mm with rear joint. Needs an electric lock for gates over 1.8 m.

• Working strokes available from 250 to 390 mm, to satisfy the various installation requirements.

• Hydraulic pump fl ow rate from 1 l/min to 0.75 l/min.

• Versions available with 1 or 2 joints.

• Reversible joints and joints with blocks.

• Versions with hydraulic slow-down function.

• Motor protected by thermal circuit break.