HYDOM Hydraulic 250 Ram Kit (Built in Locks)


250MM Stroke

All Hydom ram kits include

2* Hydom operators

2* Fobs

1* Control panel

1* Aerial

1* Pair of photocells

All mounting brackets and accessories

Fruit of the latest in hydraulic technology HY-DOM gate actuators offer a new dimension in efficiency, ease of use and security.

Our second to non extensive range of swing gate actuators are robustly constructed to give highly reliable and quiet operation at economical prices for standard or heavy duty applications. Brief details of some of the special features are as follows

  • Stylish corrosion resistant body, rounded to avoid dirt & water traps.
  • Independent pressure safety valves in both directions of operation to ensure safety.
  • Damping at both ends of stroke (standard) to reduce shock, avoid noise and remove necessity of external end-stops.
  • Top quality long lasting brushless electric motors fitted with thermal cut-outs to avoid over-heating.
  • Manual over-ride available for all locking systems to ensure access in case of power cut.
  • Auto blocking options including internal hydraulic check valves and external hydraulic or electrical locks.
  • All operators and hydraulic components designed, manufactured and extensively tested to exceed EU norms.
  • Practically no maintenance.