FARFISA GSM Intercom Keycode

FARFISA GSM Intercom Keycode

Kit Contents

1 x Farfisa MyCom GSM Intercom with Push Button and Keypad
1 x Instruction Manual

Door Station GSM Mycom

The Mycom range from Farfisa uses GSM mobile phone technology to provide gate/door entry systems that are both easy to install and allow residents to be contacted by visitors wherever they are, even in another country!

Each call button on the panel can be programmed with up to 3 telephone numbers (landline or mobile) that will be called in sequence. When the call is answered conversation with the visitor is possible and the gate or lock can be activated from the phone keypad. Mycom modules have 2 relays allowing great flexibility, e.g. vehicle and pedestrian gates being activated independently.

Remote gate/door activation is possible for up to 100 users/residents just by calling, the unit recognises the caller ID from a “permitted numbers list” and allows entry without a call charge being incurred.

Mycom modules form part of the Farfisa Profilo door station range of stylish Italian designed entry panels formed from rugged aluminium with subtle green backlighting of the nameplate(s). In the majority of installations the panels built in GSM antenna provides ample signal strength, for problem signal areas an external antenna can simply be connected for enhanced performance. Programming can easily be carried out by SMS text message or by USB connection to a PC.

Multi-way Mycom panels for up to 50 users can be achieved thanks to the modular construction of the Farfisa Profilo series that also allows the inclusion of an access control keypad or proximity reader into the entry panel.


For further details of the Farfisa product range please refer to the Mycom brochure, the Farfisa 2013/14 general catalogue and the Mycom technical manual.


Technical Features

  • Programming by USB, SMS (texting) or directly on SIM card
  • Powering 12 Vdc/ac
  • A SIM card is required
  • Pre paid SIM card can be managed



  • Land phone number or mobile phone number (3 numbers in cascade in case of no answer)
  • CLIP function available. It allows caller identification for lock releasing
  • 2 electric lock releases are permitted
  • The max number of users is 50
  • Alarm activation managing