DU350NVE Heavy Duty Underground Kit (Encoded)


Beninca Underground Kits include:

2* DU.350NVE Motors

2* Foundation boxes

2* Release locks

2* Fobs

1* Control Panel

1* Aerial

1* Pair of photocells

KDU.350NVE - 230v DU.350NVE Heavy Duty electromechanical underground operator kit, with encoder, up to 3m leaf
• Self-locking electromechanical operator available in two versions:standard speed or fast speed
• Water-proof operator with reduction unit in oil bath
• A foundation box with cataphoresis coating for the actuator facilitates installation and makes it possible
  to replace the actuator without having to disassemble the existing gate
• Prepared for the installation of electromechanical water-proof limit switches