BOB50 Ram Kit



2* BOB Motors

2* Fobs

1* Pair of photocells

1* Aerial

1* Control panel (Heady or Brainy)

All mounting brackets

The BOB50, a unique electromechanical operator with a long working stroke and capacity for a 5m gate leaf. A powerful large domestic and light commercial operator with built in stops on the ram.


  • 230 Vac self-locking electromechanical motor for swing gate
  • Strong definition motor made in Italy, combining high performance, quality and reliability
  • Innovative anti-corrosion treatment greatly increasing resistance to atmospheric agents over time
  • Available in two versions: with easily adjustable limit switches in the mechanical stops (BOB50M/BOB5024), and with encoder (BOB50ME). Both versions come with open and close mechanical stops
  • Anti-crushing system available in BOB50ME version with encoder