BENINCA EVA5 Barrier 24v


24v Intensive use electromechanical traffic barrier.

Integrated control panel with external release

EVA 5 – 24Vdc Traffic barrier – max 5m boom

24Vdc | Intensive Use

  • Right or left hand – the barrier can be easily re-handed
  • Top access to the control panel – easy and fast programming
  • Integrated dual height photocells into the barrier case (FTC.S)
  • 24 Vdc – Possibility of battery back up system
  • Amperometric sensing obstacle detection
  • **NEW** Fast acting manual release
  • Optional flashing lights – Boom arm and barrier case
  • 2 Adjustable mechanical stops
  • Simple, quick and reliable boom arm balancing system

The new absolute encoder gives you the ability to manage an advanced beam movement. The encoder ensures greater precision in slowdowns, as it provides a direct reference on the speed of the boom arm (the encoder is mounted on the axis of the motor output). Also, being an absolute encoder type, it never loses the reference position of the boom in the event of power outages. The adjustable physical stops remain and the encoder gives you greater control.

  • Ability to switch power range extended from 85 to 265 Vac that reduces standby power, separate from the control
  • Absolute magnetic encoder control
  • New encoder – choose operation with or without limit switchs
  • Possibility to check the safety devices at the beginning of each maneuver (phototest)
  • LCD display
  • 433.92 MHz integrated radio receiver (64 transmitters can be entered)
  • Charger integrated in the switching power
  • Compatible with programmer ADVANTOUCH
  • Setting of scheduled maintenance